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Mirrored Nightstand

Stimulants giving visitors more palpitations into your stunningly beautiful mirrored nightstand is such a bold and glamorous taste for bedroom furniture. The sparkly cubic finished nightstand has mirrored plating on surface for amazing glass reflections, integrate with wood into glistening, sliver and glam aesthetics, meanwhile clawed feet at bottom is how they stand in elegance and stability. In addition, the crystal knobs and crystal embedded into front panels mostly make people indulged in glint of mirrored nightstand, which not only manages stylish striking to bedroom embellishments and decors, but also the drawers storage and tabletop surface for lamps, photo frames are even special.

What is the Materials of Mirrored Nightstand?

The thick MDF as resource foundation material of Jaxpety mirrored nightstand has been dealt with purification of sleek and clean-line process, so that the glass on surface will be smoothly protected and it ensures no sharps pierce glass from inside to cause damage. And the mirrored plating on glass leads to a modern and silver look to your bedroom, the front 3 drawers and panels at each side are all mirrored glass, the crystal knob on drawers and crystal inlayed into pillars or front drawers make this kind more outstanding and extraordinary. Because the mirrored effect is due to coating as coverage on nightstand for better silver and glittering, your grubby little fingers print will not stay on it, and in winter the steam will not make it vague at all, it even bears some certain scratches and scrapes but still needs some carefulness.

How will Actually Mirrored Nightstand Look Like?

Besides it's eye-catching surface, mirror nightstand has beautiful streamlined rectangular silhouette, perfect moldings for indented lines around the edges and four clawed straight feet at bottom. Don't worry it's too cool modern or over sharp contrasting to your bedroom style, in the opposite, the mirrored surface reflects other furniture clearly in dim light and integrate itself into surroundings even more harmoniously. While in the sun light, it will enhance its dramatic brightness offering extra decor surprise into bedroom.

How do I Keep it Clean and How Long will it Keep New?

Investing a different and new trendy nightstand is not easy, but it's totally worthy to try a pair of mirror nightstand till you find core from its Hollywood glamour to elegant, exciting continuous flare in bedroom. And suggested microfiber cloth or soft cloth can easily wipe out dust and stain with gentle rubbing on surface, then you will be guaranteed to enjoy Jaxpety shining Glam Antique Mirrored Nightstand, Silver Gray Mirrored Nightstand W/Crystal Pillars, Dark-Champagne Mirror Bedside Table and Mirrored Crystal 3-Drawer Bedside Table for at least 3 years or more time.

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