Most Valuable Dropship Program | Jaxpety

Welcome to Jaxpety Dropship Program

What is Drop Shipping?
Retailers place the order from a third party seller who ships directly to retailer’s customer.
Retailers do not need a warehouse to store the product or any hands to pack and ship.
Retailers just need to focus on promoting products.
The more products retailers sell, the more money retailers earn.

How Much You will Earn on Jaxpety?
1)The difference price between your selling price and our selling price.
2)Additional Coupons you will get.
Lifetime Amount     Additional Coupons
$500                       $20
$2000                     $50
$3000                     $80
$4000                     $100
$5000                     $50
$6000                     $80
$7000                     $100
$8000                     $50
$9000                     $80
$10000                   $100
$12000                   $150
$14000                   $100
$16000                   $150
$18000                   $100
$20000                   $150
...                            ...

Eg: If your lifetime amount reach $500, you will receive $20 coupon in total.
If your lifetime amount reach $5000, you will receive $300 coupon in total.
If you lifetime amount reach $20000, you will receive $1360 coupon in total.

Specific Coupons:
$20 OFF: $5 OFF x 4
$50 OFF: $5 OFF x 4 + $10 OFF x 3
$80 OFF: $5 OFF x 4 + $10 OFF x 6
$100 OFF: $5 x 10 + $10 x 5
$150 OFF: $5 x 10 + $10 x 10

Note: $5 coupons off over $40.00, $10 coupons off over $100

Why Choose Jaxpety?
1)Plenty of categories to sell: Home & gardening furniture, Sporting Goods, Toys & Games, Vehicles & Parts,Pet Supplies, Health & Beauty.
2)Best Price: Jaxpety could guarantee that the price is lower than other platforms.
3)Fast shipping: Jaxpety owns 2 warehouses on CA, NJ. The shipping will take around 3-7 days.
4)Free return guarantee: Jaxpety offer 90 days to return.
5)Long time warranty: Jaxpety offer 1 years product warranty.
6)Great Customer Service: Contact Jaxpety at any time if you have problems.

How Get Started?
1)Sign in and create an account from
2)Place the order on and complete your customer’s address correctly.
3)Check the tracking number on your account when the order ship out.
4)Coupons will be issued when the lifetime amount reach the required amount.

1)We only ship to the 48 States on USA, no current shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, nor Guam. We do not ship to FPO, APO, or PO Boxes.
2)Please email us your account name and email to help us collect your information to send your coupons.

More to Know:
1)You could refer to our help center on for “shipping and tax” ”Order Cancellation” ”Payment Method” ”Return/Refund/Exchange”
2)For more information and any further questions please feel free to contact: