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Salon Appliances

Unlike other large salon furniture deciding the style tone of your salon shop, even though the small salon appliances usually are not the protagonist attracting notices from people, obtaining more details of them may make your barber work more comfortable and some of them are also customized for special clients. While sometimes success is determined by how you handle details and whether to think deeper.

Salon Mats

Named of fatigue elimination, it helps blood circulation and relieves sore from legs to back for barbers who are standing all day long. The soft and non-skidding rubber mat truly cares about your barbers. And the black mats hold surrounding dropped hair which is not apparent to see and then it helps let customers feel more and less uncluttered around.

Child Booster Styling Seat

To make your younger customer pleased is not easy, and the lower seat regularly bothers stylists to reach children comfortably. So the booster seat is more customized for children who can easily get a full reflection in the mirror, and it eliminates the difference between the barber chair and mirror.

Salon Makeup Trolley Case

If you are a rover stylist artist who likes to travel try different salon work from city to city, then this salon trolley with the case is exactly designed for you. Or if you are a master dedicated to managing your own haircut tools or makeup and attend some salon academy communication, then this portable makeup trolley suits your travel purpose. It's easy to move around and accompany you going everywhere like professional salon equipment helps store all your skills inside.

Salon Appliance Holder

This is the homeland for a hot curling iron, hairdryer, and styling tools which is often needed. The holders can display on a tabletop or shelf for easy placement. It protects people from heedless touch to a hot curling iron and hair dryers, and organizing them with all-in-one gathering holders shows more profession and beauty to the salon.

They are not necessities you must have, but indeed as an additional benefit to accumulate tiny affection drop by drop to a customer who loves a detailed treat.