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  • White Left-Hand Drain, Apron Front Alcove Soaking Tub
    Special Price $899.99 Regular Price $979.99
  • 7-Position Adjustable Gaming Floor Seating
    Special Price $165.20 Regular Price $180.22
  • Teak 3-In-1 Convertible Sofa Bed Chair W/2 Caster
    Special Price $186.99 Regular Price $276.00
  • Grey Fold out Lazy Sofa Bed Chair W/ Reclining
    Special Price $182.99 Regular Price $189.66
  • Modern Dressing Table Set W/3 LED-Colored Mirror
    Special Price $168.60 Regular Price $198.00
  • Modern Set of 2 White Nightstand Accent Table
    Special Price $123.99 Regular Price $168.59
  • 2-Drawer Scandinavian Nightstand Set of 2
    Special Price $123.58 Regular Price $180.60
  • Silver Mirrored Crystal Bedside Table W/Crystal 3-Drawer
    Special Price $195.99 Regular Price $259.99
  • Navy Mid-Century Wood Nightstand W/ 2 Drawers
    Special Price $73.80 Regular Price $84.99
  • Wood White Vanity Set W/8 Bulb Lighted Mirror
    Special Price $159.99 Regular Price $188.99
  • Charcoal Gray White 1 Drawer Nightstand Set of 2
    Special Price $103.66 Regular Price $162.99
  • Items 1-16 of 149

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    Bedding & Bath

    Of course, you don't need to be a kid to enjoy the bright colors and wonderful designs of our bedding&bath furniture. Jaxpety knows as adults we like things that make us smile, too! That's why we've created a line of playful accessories that will brighten up your bedroom and bathroom. Whether you're looking for bedding sets, shower curtains, or bath mats, we've got something for everyone (and every room).

    How To Choose Good Bedroom Furniture?

    When considering how to select the best bedroom furniture, it's critical to ensure that everything fits comfortably in the space. A king-size bed can easily fit into a big master bedroom; however, smaller bedrooms may only be able to accommodate a queen or full-size bed. Before you go out and buy furniture, plan out your new bedroom. Take measurements of the room's length and width, as well as the dimensions of the furniture you want to be sure it will fit. Beds that are excessively big might take up a lot of floor space, making it difficult to move about at night or get in and out of the room. You don't want your bedroom to seem crowded, so buy furniture that is proportional to the overall size of the space.

    You want your bedroom furniture to represent your style, just like the rest of your house. Perhaps you prefer the aesthetic of sleek mid-century modern designs, or perhaps you prefer something with more farmhouse-style characteristics. To make it easier to make a final decision, narrow down your options to meet your décor preferences. Shape, color, materials, and finish are all factors to consider when deciding which options will work best for you.

    How To Select The Suitable Bathroom Furniture?

    First and foremost, consider what you truly require. What are the items you'll need to keep in your bathroom? Do you require storage for your children's bath toys and larger gadgets, or merely for toiletries and toilet paper? Do you also put your cleaning supplies in the bathroom? What about towels and toilet paper? Consider whether or not your makeup or jewelry will take up space in your bathroom, as well as whether or not your storage needs may grow in the near future.

    Nowadays, there are many various types of bathroom furniture to pick from, and it's important to understand what they are so you can make the best option possible. For example, you can choose freestanding or floor standing bathroom furniture, such as shelves, shelf units, and cupboards. These units are simple to install and use, though careful planning is required to ensure that the space seems spacious and that your bathroom ventilation is not compromised.