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  • 24 Bottle Wood Wine Rack Insert X Cube
    Special Price $52.96 Regular Price $96.66
  • 4pcs White Dining Chair in Sapling Bird Nest Design
    Special Price $175.99 Regular Price $269.88
  • Swivel Tulip Dining Chairs W/Upholstered Seat
    Special Price $108.20 Regular Price $195.20
  • Gateleg Drop Leaf Dining Table on Lockable Wheels
    Special Price $157.60 Regular Price $161.99
  • White Rolling Microwave Cart W/Pantry Storage, Shelf
    Special Price $75.99 Regular Price $81.62
  • White Modern Wood Triangular Dinning Table
    Special Price $38.87 Regular Price $50.99
  • 3 Tier Mobile Bar Cart W/Wine Goblet Rack, Casters
    Special Price $95.99 Regular Price $129.50
  • Padded Swivel Tulip Dining Chair in White + Black
    Special Price $108.30 Regular Price $156.99
  • Rustic Wood Rectangular Bar Height Dining Table
    Special Price $105.66 Regular Price $119.99
  • Kitchen & Dining Furniture

    Jaxpety is committed to providing the finest kitchen and dining furniture at the lowest possible price. Their product range has something for everyone, whether you're searching for a traditional mahogany dining table or an ultra-modern bistro island. With their variety of options, you can easily find that perfect piece that takes your home from ordinary to extraordinary.

    We at Jaxpety believe that your kitchen and dining room furniture set shouldn't just look good, they should be functional! We're not knocking anyone else's chairs, stools, and tables, we're just saying we can do better than that! We believe in creating versatile furniture sets that not only look great but also serve a purpose. Who wants to get up off the couch to get a snack? Not us. No more having to climb over the back of the couch to reach what you dropped on the coffee table! Sit comfortably with your family in a Jaxpety chair and enjoy a movie or TV show in your living room.

    What's The Necessary Kitchen Furniture You Need?

    Kitchen Cart Islands

    If you're looking for more counter space or storage in your kitchen, the beautifully built islands of classical or progressive cooking can meet your practical and stylistic needs. The majority of standard islands are made of polished and encased artisan wood, with features like towel rails, a small wipe-out counter, and flexibility panels. In light of today's culinary layouts, the kitchen product and surface for your kitchen island can be as simple as your basic foundation, walls, and high countertops, or it can be as complex as a whole new island kitchen design.

    Kitchen Chairs and Tables

    Tables and chairs are becoming more common in kitchens these days. They are available in a variety of materials, including wood, crystal, granite, and lumber rack glass upper ends. The seats are available in a variety of materials and styles, including oak, bent iron, aluminum, fiberglass, and more. It can even be used as a dining table. The dining area could also be saved by tables with kitchenette and chairs.

    Stools for the Kitchen Bar

    The bar equipment in the kitchen is now more fashionable. Barstools of various types and forms are available in a variety of materials, including wood, steel, wrought iron, and bamboo. For kitchens with broad or wide kitchen counters, embedded dining rooms, or seats, bar stools and furnishings are made of various materials and steel. Fabric, patent leather, or smooth, high-quality suede and plastic blends are also available.