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Safety Equipment

Grille guards give any truck or SUV a more aggressive, harder appearance, and they often indicate that the owner spends a lot of time off-road or in the mountains. Choosing a grille guard finish that matches, complements, or contrasts with your car will alter its appearance and personality.

How To Choose A Good Car Grille Guard?

Grille guards are made of various diameters of steel tubing fastened to heavy-duty uprights for both purpose and appearance. Grille guards can be compared to the guard on a helmet that protects the face from impact when participating in sports. Full front-end grille guards, which cover the grille, radiator, and even stretch out to cover your headlights, are also available.

Grille guards are available in a number of finishes, including chrome-plated, stainless steel, powder-coated, and painted with lasting high gloss paints. Matching other stylistic cues on your truck, such as running boards or wheels, can help tie the whole thing together and make it look seamless. It's not a good idea to mix a chrome grille guard with black running boards or vice versa.