Coffee Tables

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Coffee Table Details

Utterly tie a coffee table with your existing furniture to create your loved identity of tone in the living room. Anchor the spacious living room with a coffee table to set the tones and style for the living room where you or guests get attention, at first sight, walking into the living room. The shape, material, size, style of the coffee table make the focal point of whether it's the stronger alone style, or bridge design in style to blend with other furniture. Seat on sofa surrounding a coffee table as a centerpiece, storage or accent table, its versatile diversity we will discuss soon gathers together to offer you a joyful time sharing drinks, games, films and more with families and friends. A coffee table with great satisfaction always easily gets adorned with your favorite decor, collectibles, potted plants, etc, and is qualified for your living room furniture layout and creates a perfect spot for entertaining. Keep your room clutter-free and stow your books, cups, remotes, magazines with a storage coffee table, and refresh the whole room.

How to choose the right coffee table?

To match your existing furniture style in dark or light? minimalism or prettified? glitter or distress? Then you can pick out the perfect one to fit in. Or if start with coffee table as concentrated leading role of style and let other furniture to match it. The main idea is to follow the principle of cohesive aesthetic for the living room. From accents to artwork to decorative trays to flower vases to photo albums to everything you like, this essential table is the highlighted piece to hold all of them.


The coffee table is presented into a different shape, the traditional shape is a rectangular coffee table, they are acceptable and easy-to-match with long seating sofa, while the square coffee table is suitable for sectionals, armed sofa, and round coffee table due to smaller size usually is ideal for windows and nooks seating included armed chairs.


The shape is exterior look but they differ from the size of the width, height, and length. Consider with size together and go deeper to find a more suitable one for your living room. The first idea is not to let your coffee table be too short to reach items from your sofa, nor too high that your neck may get hurt. Averagely in comfort analysis, same height or within two inches higher or lower between the coffee table and couch's seat is perfect. And standard coffee table height varies from 15 to 19 inches for the best accommodation. The center table should be at least 18 inches away from the sofa edge and the distance is comfortable to let you reach items from the sofa and leave a smooth aisle for people walkthrough.

Storage Abilities

Storage coffee table normally offers handy in some case. A shelf, a hidden compartment, a drawer, a lift-top of the coffee table are smart designs to offer more space for items visible or less visible storage options. Stowaway magazines, remotes to keep coffee tabletop free cluttered and you save care to organize invisible storage, display some photos, flower vase under shelf can work for more decorations.

What Kind of Material is to be superb?

Wood coffee table

MDF wood and particleboard wood material is the popular material for coffee table manufacturing, its gentle look in the living room evokes warmth and the phenomenal grained pattern adds natural texture to a room. No matter to prefer a black, gray, walnut, or brown wood coffee table, they keep the traditional look and leave you spoiled for more choices of design options for other furniture and decorations. Unlike fully natural vintage wood, the Jaxpety wood coffee table still retains some contemporary style. The shelves, compartment, drawers are sticky to offer ample space for snacking or a floor pillow prepared for night fun in front of the TV. Collect stone, metal, bowls, china, or artworks, no better than running a wood coffee table to protect all your collections. The raised table and storage sections are gorgeously standing ready for sophisticated decor.

Metal Coffee Table

The industrial flair is the perfect expression of a metal coffee table, featuring to pair it with wood or glass tops, which helps the living room feel more raw and urban. This kind owns a cooler metal frame in rustic and industrial ambiance, best to incorporate with modern table lamps, twill couch, and natural rugs to balance the mixture style. Being bold to soften the look and adds more styles into the living room because itself mixed strong look offers more creations for decorative outlines and accents. The cocktail table with metal frame and wood tops is a lively example in a strong personality but comes in fantastic array of silhouettes, simple but strong design to be fancy.