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Nightstand Table

When lying in bed and arms can reach everything instantly, a nightstand will customize you're going to bed and waking up with a cozy ease experience. The right size, beautiful look, fabulous style, and ample store-ability bedside table will customize you're going to bed and waking up with a cozy ease experience. With a nightstand set of 2, it's simple to make a comfortable and functional spot to store a lamp, phone, photo frame, cup of hot coffee, or books close at hand. Nightstands work more than to make you cheerful locked in for the nights, depending on what your loving joys are at bed.

How To Choose A Quality Nightstand Set Of Two?

After you've decided on the right bed size, you'll want to look into nightstand measurements. "The usual bedside table should be between 24 and 28 inches tall, providing you 25 inches from the floor to the mattress," Lau explained. "The breadth is determined on the amount of space available." Emily Starr Alfano, a designer, agreed. "It shouldn't be much lower or higher than your mattress height," she noted, "otherwise you'll be reaching awkwardly for stuff on it." "I think you can have a little more fun in terms of width." Of course, other components in the space must be taken into account.

Bedside tables, according to Alfano, do not have to match. "For example, we only had room for one nightstand in my previous bedroom, so I used an antique one I purchased on Facebook Marketplace," she explained. "Now that we have room for another nightstand, I'm looking for a vintage style that will complement but not exactly match the present one." And it's still possible for such a setup to appear attractive and harmonious. "If asymmetry isn't your style," designer Caroline Agee said, "you can add symmetry with other pieces, like a pair of identical lamps or matching artwork above each, to create a balanced aesthetic."

How To Decorate Your Nightstand And Make It More Stylish?

A nice table lamp is a must-have for one nightstand. To avoid seeming too small or overwhelming your room, make sure the style you choose is the right size. Designer Katie Davis advises, "Make sure the shade fits the stand so it doesn't feel overly huge." "We aim for lamps that are 28 to 32 inches tall overall on a 28 to 30-inch nightstand in terms of height." Also, don't be scared to go for something a little different. Designer Suzan Wemlinger says, "Remember, the appropriate light can easily work as a sculptural piece of art." "It doesn't have to be just useful!"

Keep those cords out of the way of your bed, that is! "We attempt to persuade clients to keep devices off their nightstands—plug in those telephones and alarm clocks somewhere," Davis says. "Peace should reign at the bedside." It may seem like not being able to reach your phone without getting out of bed is a drawback at first, but you'll thank yourself later when you're not checking for notifications at all hours of the night.