Dining Room Tables

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  • Modern Round White Tulip Pedestal Table
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    Dining Room Tables

    When comes to the dining room, the customized dining table is a revolution to different kinds of meals and how many people the table allows to seat around. First Jaxpety dining room table can help finish the completed look of the kitchen and dining room, and help you host all kinds of holiday gatherings, entertaining parties, family events, and more. Remember to keep in mind that a variety of materials, shapes, sizes, and functions are the vital orientation to choosing a perfect dining room table.

    What is the durable and well-matched style for a dining room table?

    If your home furniture has a contemporary or modern theme such as white walls and cool aesthetic dining chairs, then modern white dining room tables will be durable in style. Even if Jaxpety has most of the tables that are constructed from solid wood, such as pine, oak, birch, teak, walnut, cedar, or spruce as original core, the water painted and high-quality process makes dining room tables much glossy, distressed, and wood grained tone and easily favor to match modern, espresso, wooden or vintage style of kitchen and dining room. Wood dining room table as the most durable and hefty dining furniture to blend with other wood furniture, while the engineered wood also has benefits of sealed edge to be more resistant to warping. The other simple material is a white plastic dining room table, looking young and bright. Some tables will be implanted with metal material and become more stable in core parts of table construction. It's better to determine and co-consider what material and color you prefer together, then it can be durable at two aspects of years use and match style. The style directs what type of standing you prefer table will be, unlike traditional table legs, you may love trestle-style legs table, folding legs table, X-base legs table, pedestal base, or scissor base.

    Decide the shape and size of the dining room table

    Enjoying a meal at a comfortable dining room table is not the only purpose for family, you may dine, snack, or enjoy beverages. And on holiday or family gatherings, with enough room for everyone to seat around the table or you may need extra temporary seat position, then many kinds of shapes and sizes of dining table comes into the design. The dining room table varies from rectangle dining table with the long side where each side allows five people to seat, the square table where people can gather to seat in a circle to share food, nosh and take the conversation in a short distance, all of them are classic traditional dining room table in fixed shape and you can’t change or extend it easily. So the new design innovates the way of dining, such as an oval or oblong table, extending table, leaf drop table, folding table, round table, counter table and bar table in formal and casual functions to change how people take a meal. 

    Folding Dining Table

    In compact space, a folding table in square or round may let four-seat comfortably and it's causal to set up beside kitchen bar counter. When the holiday comes, easily add more temporary seat areas for more people, specially assigned for buffet food service

    Oval Round and Triangle Table

    With tapered wood legs, this minimalist table holds a small area for two old friends drinking coffee or afternoon tea in the dining room. Elegant and durable to stand.

    Tulip Pedestal Table

    Round tabletop and base are stylish to act as a cafe or bistro table in a kitchen nook, on a patio, in an alcove where you enjoy breakfast or coffee or alfresco dining outside. They are substantial in the material and a slimmer version of grace.

    Gateleg Table

    Gateleg has folding and extending features that perfectly fills into smaller space with more flexibility. When fully extended, six-seat is allowed if you invite more people. In spare time, just fold down the drop leaf and reduce the table length to seat two, and stow the panels for next time use.

    Bar Table

    The sideboards bar table leaning on the kitchen or dining room wall provide a causal meal place and the vintage wood bar table inmates the bar environment to have a drink for massive entertainment.