Dining Room Chairs

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Dining Room Chairs

Fitting Measurement

Before you shop for a dining chair or chair set, consider room size, chair size, left space for each chair instead of squeezing into the crowded area for people seating, and dining table size, don’t make wrong size coordination between table and chair and think about dining style you prefer. With these basic minds, start with these guidelines:

Distance between tabletop and seat in harmony is 8-14 inches, and the most comfortable seating experience is 10-12 inches for leg and arms, so it's the safe line to keep following and however much tall your tabletop is, such as a super counter table, you can still keep this guide to seek one fitting chair. For the common table, 18 inches between floor and seat is ideally tall.

For a dining chair with arms, ensure 7-10 inches is left between arms and tabletop.

6 inches at least of comfort should be spaced out for adjacent chair to elbow stretch and get a meal with nearest people in a safe room. Regular 16-20 inch wide chairs exist in the market at most, so measure the table width and length and shop the chair with accurate quantities.

The back height of the chair is normally from 5-8 inches, so pick the perfect size in reasonable looking to put around the table.

What do Chair Styles have Here?

Wood and Metal Chair

Engineering wood and industrial metal dining chair have unique finishes in mixing rustic, warmth, and strong cool industry ambiance to the room. They are distressed designed in an upscale chocolate look. So worthy of love.


Upholstered dining chairs in creamy, white, gray dressed up with wood construction, which is such fresh and warm to room. And the soft tufted touch offers timeless comfort. Some of them are wingback accent chairs for immediate lounge when you are full after dinner. Leather: classic black leather dining chairs easily attract ones who love the serious feeling and upgrade the room. Faux leather is a reduction-budget sleek finish with the black degree to gloss itself out.

Plastic Accent Chair

Plastic wedding chairs and bird's nest back chairs are such accent chair to set up for dinner immediately, and they are stackable for easy storage.

Tulip Chairs

The pedestal dining chair has an elaborate graceful design, it has upholstered seating and a round base. It's noble to have one or two in the room enjoy coffee.

Angles of chair legs and back

Breakthrough from traditional straight legs, some angles of legs, and back totally redefine new characteristics in an appeal that stand out from other chairs.

Arms or Armless

Armchair adds a comfort component to make people have restful support in the middle of dinner. If space is limited, an armless chair is also a great option to seat more people. A long rectangular table with both kinds of chairs incorporated together will style your room especially.