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Salon Furniture

Jaxpety Salon Furniture can be used at home or in a salon to provide hair, facials, and a variety of other beauty treatments. People can decrease their feet by sitting in a hair salon chair with built-in footrests, and the adjustable height will provide the barber more room to balance the operation and unleash potential. Salon cabinet stations and rolling carts with drawers provide elegant features for storing and organizing frequently used cosmetics and hair dryers in a professional manner. The haircutting area and the softest free-standing barber are usually nicely coordinated by a salon mat. You will be more professional if you are more equipped.

Salon chair

Beautifully designed salon chair that fits well in a professional, relaxed salon environment. The padded armless vinyl upholstery is easy to clean and maintain, and the high-quality steel construction offers stability and durability. A built-in head cushion and adjustable lumbar support increase comfort for stylists while cutting and styling their clients' hair.

Salon cabinet

With this salon cabinet, you will never again worry about the storage space crisis. This cabinet has everything you need to store all your beauty equipment; hairdryers, brushes, combs, etc. What is more is that each compartment is designed for different items, so it will not be a mess when you need them!

Salon appliance

The Salon appliance allows you to curl your hair and dry it at the same time. For those of you tired of having messed-up hair after leaving the salon–this is an invention for you!