The year 2020 has been truly stressful and eventful as the result of coronavirus, which deprives us of our joy and delight. We were forced to stay at home and were even asked to wear masks while walking out. We were suffering from both a health crisis and economic crisis. Finally, it comes to a close, and we are stepping into 2021 with a different perspective. Due to the coronavirus pandemic this year, life changed in a split second. The majority of people pivoted to working, babysitting, playing, exercising and socializing at home, making the way we furnish and decorate our living spaces more important than ever.

With the heaps of pretty homes on Pinterest, Facebook, it’s easy to look around our own houses and wonder why they differ? Dark and dingy. If you’re yearn for a bright, happy space like me, then here are 3 things you must consider.

Sparkly Mirrored Crushed Crystal 3 Drawer Nightstand

Fused with both Hollywood Regency and Art Decor furniture of the 1920’s and 30’s, this three-drawer mirrored cabinet is sure to add sparkle to your home decor. Gorgeous appearance with a polished mirror finish, crystal rosette knobs and crushed crystal embedded in the glass frame can tell that a lady lives in this homesite. Come assembled, look beautiful with your fireplace, crystal lamps. Bright colors reflected on the glossy mirror can regulate the atmosphere of household overall soft adornment, let your household surroundings add to fashion and smart feeling. Adding gentle material like velvet pile carpet, flower arrangements, art paintings, you can create a comfortable and cosy feeling on your own, which can affect your feeling through the vision, and then adjust your mood condition freely.Mirrored Nightstand

Glossy Mirrored 3 Drawer Nightstand

If you don’t like luxurious appearance, but still are obsessed with mirrored nightstand. This glossy mirrored nightstand with 3 drawers is absolutely a good choice. That one has a pleasingly simple, elegant look, that will perfectly fit in both contemporary and traditional bedroom. In the process of the creation, designers break the general and dull home decor, which is dark and depressing. Tear down an entire glass with simple and elegant lines. The creative designer is committed to injecting the vitality of your homesite, and catch a brighter color with a polygon mirror. Thoughtful designs with elevated stands make it convenient to mop your floor. 3 slide out drawers with crystal handles also provide enough storing space for your personal items, like air conditioner remote control, daily necessities, bedtime reading, etc. Organize your room and get your own plans for your life.2 drawer mirror nightstand

Glossy Mirrored 2 Drawer Nightstand

This is a beautiful and affordable set of 2 mirrored nightstands, with a contemporary fashion, mirror glass construction, which is bound to give you a sense of gentle and elegance. Integrated with whole cutting glass as well as triangle-shaped on the front side, the 2-drawer mirrored nightstand has unique-looking, differing from other regular mode. Bright lights at home is to be extremely important, therefore the designer of mirror nightstand add brighter vision via cutting mirror. Pretty and colorful home decoration will reflect on the glossy mirror, which inject more fun to your room. Sunny vitality brings your home not only yellow but also the beautiful and elegant sunsets that worth your savor. 2 slide out drawers with crystal handles in different sizes provides a variety storing scheme. You can put it in your bedside, bathroom, or even beside your sofa to be considered as an end table. Glamorous appearance will never let you and make you pride while having visitors.Glam Mirrored Nightstand

Above is my recommendation of 2021 home decor trends - mirror nightstand. If you are looking to buy a nightstand for your bedroom, they are worth considering. Glamorous and sophisticated appearance is sure to surprise you. If you have the space, never miss such an amazing homely product to refresh your room. The sparking furniture is bound to light up your room.