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Floor Chair & Chair Bed

Find the another way of chair to sit and sleep, both of them can be fulfilled is floor chair and chair bed. Comfortable support for back, bottom and legs makes your family eager to sit and doing their casual entertaining activities. The functional swivel floor chair is supper cozy for gaming and its adjustable back allows to recline at more angles. The hard metal construction with soft sponge and polyester fibers endures more years of comfortable sitting. Some of them has lumber support and footrest, totally matching ergonomical design.

Chair can be pulled out to become bed for whole body rest on it and the filled memory foam inside brings massive comfort for adults and kids sitting and sleeping anytime. The bolster can works for waist and head support. And chair turn into bed only needs few minutes and easily to fold back. Its single chair bed with wheels even can be mobile from living room to porch to backyard, but no recommended for summer to use this one outside . To create the long straight lounger, unzip the seat and flip the cushion upside and down in front chair.

And there is some smart design to identify each one of them: chair with arm or armless. Able to swivel or not. Able to fold whole chair or just flip top cushion. Chair with wheels or not. Is it zipped for assemble or unzipped for each section? Believe all of them are to sit comfortable for playful, restful purpose. And the red, gray, blue floor chair or bed chair are our popular for collection. They get spotlight of attention at home for first thought when you plan to have a comfortable rest.