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Seat on Shower Chair

Daily showering or bathing is the key process to keep personal hygiene. Whether you have limited mobility or a medical disability or need to add more comfort to the shower, a shower chair can easily improve the experience and reduce any risk of falls. If you hardly stand up for a shower and wonder how to get yourself clean independently, then a lovely medical shower seat properly resolves these issues.

The affordable plastic shower seat with rubber feet and metal frame has a warm clean touch and also provides stability and safe draining, a lot of benefits for anyone who is bothered by inconvenient bathing. If you are in the bathtub, you can put the towel, sea sponge, shampoo, and other bathing essentials on a chair for easy access. And it can help you have gripping support to get out of the tub safely. It’s safe and supportive in material and construction.

The Style of Shower Chair

Shower Chair with Backs

If you have an issue of too much pressure on the waist to sit up straight, then the body leaning on the back will do a lot of favor when you seat on a chair for a shower. These products with arc tilted back support allow you slightly move your body sideways then your whole back can get showered easily.

Shower Chair with Arm

Grip the arms and easily help you stand and sit. If you get an injury to make a balance influence to the body, then arms as fence and body side support provide more convenience to use hands to move the body. And hold on arms which is able to put your weight on.

Shower Chair without Arms and Back

It means shower stools, the safe material, and construction, provide open directions to move your body position freely and get the shower on whatever body part you want. It's versatile to work with swivel function too.

Bathtub Bench

Setting up a long bench for the bathtub is also smart to help the elderly and those with disabilities. The size is standard and the seat can be customized in the position you feel comfortable for the bathtub.