Baby & Kids

Baby and Kids

 Here prepare all basic and creative commodities ranging from nursery and children furniture to outdoor activity play appliance. You will find fantastic baby cradle, highchair and various realistic  kids ride on car at Jaxpety to companion baby and kids growth at different age. Whenever you are expecting to have new baby, you are going to pre-purchase and reserve some baby furniture in order to take care of baby in very slight details. And if your kids are growing up and showing more interest in outdoor adventurous activity and family gathering, kids playhouse and other kids and toddler furniture are able to fulfills their motivation and develop their performance safely.

Baby & Kids Furniture

 When it comes to select baby furniture, a few essential points you may take into consideration before obtaining couples of items. Comfortable daily life of sleep and eating is important in program of raising newborn baby, dreamy cradle with protective wooden structure provide soft sponge cushion for baby sleep. And highchair is mandatory but also versatile assembly to raise baby independent eating habit. Time goes fast to become kids, it`s time to develop and dig up kids interest and deep talent, colorful kids table and chair is an amazing platform to do some arts and crafts, also enjoying their own time.

Toddler & Kids Activity Center

 Sometimes kids like crawling to everywhere maybe dangerous or parents need to go to neighbourhood, seamless play yard is customized manufacture for kids and toddler who can play with toys in limited but not extremely confined area as playpen or fence to be perfectly applicable at home, backyard and patio. Enormous space of pens even is capable to contain toy storage organizer for baby selecting their favorite toy. And marvelous air filled castle house outdoor can also set up to become activity center for more kids jump and slide bringing exciting and safe moment to all kids.

Kids Ride on Car

 We are dedicated in delivering most professional and highly mimic realistic ride on car to kids to content their childhood, and accompanying every kids in process of curiosity and ambition for adventure and exploration. High quality ride on car is not only safe with flexible brake and remote control but also deploys acceleration regulator permitting kids to control and experience speed passion instead of original motion loss. Growing up with more activities and brings more smile face to life and really enjoy childhood is our final sincere goal.

 No matter what stage period of your baby and kids is, they are growing up fast day by day, as parents, we take care of them, protect them, have fun with them, solve difficulties for them, teach them. At end of day, we all love baby and kids to provide what they need and do best to help their growth, and this is direction which exactly Jaxpety keeps doing and heading forward.

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