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Floor Sofas

Jaxpety floor sofas are a great choice for your living room furniture. They are comfortable and soft, giving you a sense of home when you sit on them. The sofa is made of good quality, making it long-lasting. Its high-density foam filling makes it durable and comfortable to rest your body on while reading a book or watching TV with your friends and family. The sofa is available in different colors to complement the color scheme in your living room.

How To Select A Quality Floor Sofa For Your Living Room?

The best approach to determine a sofa's quality is to inspect the insides to examine the engineering and construction features of it, but unless you can find a furniture store that permits you to remove the coverings and exterior layers, you'll be confined to the touch and feel on the outside.

Floor sofa filling

If you choose a seating cushion with down feathers, make sure to inspect the inner cover used to keep the feathers contained. Down Proof Ticking is the name of the cover, and it keeps the feathers from poking through your upholstery. By removing the inner cover, you can also inspect the quality. Make a pass if it tears easily.
Inquire about the foam density. Request 42kg/cbm wrapped in down feathers, cotton, or polyester batting if you like it soft but want it to last. These are inexpensive and quite comfortable.

Sofa frame

Examine the type of wood used to make the sofa frame. If you're in Singapore, North American Birch and Oak wood are usually the best.
Move the sofa's side frame from side to side while holding it. Carry on with the back frame in the same way. The frame of a robust frame should not sway or twist. If it wobbles, it usually signifies the joints aren't properly secured, which might lead to major safety issues in the future.

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