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    Inspire kids to enjoy adventuring outdoors with coolest powered vehicle from Jaxpety

    Innovative and creative ride-on cars is surely invented for kids smile and joy, cruise and drive in realistic powered vehicles always gift and surprise kids to open new world. Going wild but chic designed kids electric cars, trucks, or motorcycles is the thrilling activity to connect whole neighborhood kids with amazing impression of lifelike car door, buffer and even belt. And we study and collect kids favorite colors like classic black, pink, green, blue, red with additional decals to prettify each stylish electric cars. And battery-powered ride-on cars is rechargeable and equipped with marked control to turn the vehicle on and off. Contributing to safety comes first as driving rule, remote controlled cars are obligated to work well and sure to guarantee kids safety.

    How Jaxpety make kids powered wheels as real as possible?

    Being so real driving will develop the child self-esteem and psycho-motor skills while also exploring their potential driving talents starting from own interest. Even it`s abbreviated from adults mature car, it`s easy to operate and navigate like real steering, impact-proof car body, speed adjustment, one or two kids seats with safety belts, spotting headlight, hoverboards, music through the AUX cord and horn to ride on all-terrains even including distanced parental available remote control for kids bold driving. Every movement from door open and close, an elastic foot pedal, rear mirror, your kids already become the real experienced driver at their age and zoom with full throttle. And you can find all kinds of branded remote control ride on vehicle at Jaxpety, such as sleek and stylish licensed Mercedes Benz, SUV Jeep, Audi, Maserati emblem in front of car shining.

    Ride on Cars

    Driving fashionable sport car is the coolest things parent can imagine, kids wears great outfit and winds wild. Our 12V Kids Ride On Sports Car in red Mercedes Benz is such luxury model for child ages 2-6 years who starts to recognize the attraction of driving as charming spotlight in neighborhood. Featuring both manual steering and remote control, and kids can start off enjoying built-in music or tunes streamed through an AUX cord with less self-operation on driveway, after kids get familiar with this rides-on car, they can practice manipulating speed and direction with forward, reverse and stop gears step by step under your protection, because this motorized ride-on combines safe, wild and joyful elements together that your kids won`t get bored with forever. More realistic design will focus on working LED headlights, openable doors, MP3 connection, brake-off button and even real engine sound.

    Ride on Trucks

    This heavy duty trucks amaze child with spirit of exploration on real wild terrain, because our 12V Kids Ride on Trucks can scour any obstacle away thanks to its impact-resistance car compound material and 14-inches traction rubber indentation wheel, kids will be safe and cross tough road like mud, grass, driveways when they want to be marveled. For surely safety control, regardless how strong this kids truck is, remote control is still necessary before they are ready to dominate these three speed modes from low to high, and get skilled to use gearshift for moving forward or backward, take monitoring in windshield and side mirrors, switch horn and headlight for real driving-like. And Jaxpety also collects ride on firetruck and ambulance truck delivering more creative circumstances driving.

    Ride on Motorcycles

    Taking passengers on car is not motorcycles wild thing, our 6V kids ride on Motorcycles speeds up with button accelerator makes kids cruise or shuttle in driveway in most professional gravity control to balance the forward direction, and bike is equipped with headlights, foot pedal and two smaller wheels for safe driving. This motorized electric car is very easy to operate and totally make sure kids in safe status. You can pick one favorite color for kids, in bright reds, bold pinks, sleek black, and classic white. It`s recharged fast for other ride supplement and bitty motorcycle is effortless for push when it`s powered off. Built-in music will offer your kids the endless party of childhood.

    Toddler Push & Pedal on Car

    Powered riding toys is not just for kids, but also indeed come out with customized invention for toddler or elder baby with not adventurous motorized electric car though, but they must be ready for their first lane by you controlling push bar for any excitement you can bring to kids, and it`s quipped with a arm rest and under seat storage, or even safety gears at two sides for toddler safety consideration, then play time and spot will be parental decision. You can check more details for our Mercedes-Benz Toddler Push Car W/Canopy for more surprise and have fun on road, in its service as stroller, walking and ride car together perfectly. 

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