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Fabric Dresser vs Fabric Chest of Drawers

In an aspect of aesthetics, a fabric dresser can be defined as a storage tower that has many spacious cloth drawers arranged in multiple columns, and by different approaches but equally satisfactory results, fabric chest of drawers has many common features. The difference between them is only associated with if the top room is allowed for extra mirrors or not and how drawers array. Dressers traditionally are short but waist-high, wide, and deep in many columns for drawers placement and ample space for the attached mirror on top, whereas, Chest of drawers is normally tall and narrow like an upright tower.

How to choose the ones perfectly suitable for my room?

If your room has spacious and surplus floor space, then that is the basis you can choose a fabric dresser. The bulky, larger drawers allow storing more t-shirts, shirts, sheets, towels, washcloths, socks, sports bras, etc. And each drawer can hold more than 20lbs of stuff to make weighing more capable. Fabric dresser is consisted of multiple drawers from 3 to 4 to 5 which can independently free drawer self as sole fabric storage drawer you can put anywhere, such as in a hallway, laundry or bedroom, they are absolutely boundless creative for storage ability.

The chest of drawers around 26"–44" waist tall, 36"–60" wide, 16"–20" deep is the standard size, which sometimes has almost the same size as a dresser. Usually, when mentioning the chest of drawers, it comes for smaller bedrooms space likely opting for a fabric chest of drawers to save floor space and perfectly stand at the corner of the room in vertical cute looking. Its smaller fabric drawers mostly suit to store workout gear, leggings, yoga pants, and other small size items such as from necklaces and jewelry to hats, DVDs, and collectible items. On the contrary, more drawers from 5 to 6 to 7 help achieve a great assortment for storing objects. While the short chest of drawers even can become paired to double as a nightstand in the bedroom.

Extra great piece of advice

To survey what kind of item you like to store and measure them in dimension details and compare the fabric drawers of dresser and chest in small, medium, and large. Storage fabric dresser with clothes racks and shoe shelves more works like an assistant hub of wardrobe temporarily stowing your clothes as a substitute for your official closet. And then consider your room size, please make sure don’t let your room become crowded. And another benefit is that even if you eventually find it's over large for your room, the fabric drawers can be drawn-out and distributed of them into different rooms for laundry, bedroom, hallway different storage purposes.