Sliding Door Hardware

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Sliding Door Hardware

Your old sliding door hardware is holding your sliding door back from its full potential. It's time to step up your sliding door game and make sure your sliding door is functioning at optimal levels. Jaxpety has the perfect sliding door hardware for you — with the best quality in the market and a variety of styles and designs, we can give your sliding doors a custom look and feel.

How To Choose A Durable Sliding Door Hardware?

Patio doors serve several purposes, one of which is to protect your property, so you can't afford to scrimp on security. We gave our patio door's locking system a lot of thought. The 5-point locking mechanism on hinged patio doors significantly improves security and reliability.

When it comes to the finish of the hardware, attempt to match the look of the existing hardware in the area. For example, if your windows are chrome, don't go with brass for your patio doors. Visual harmony is harmed by mismatched hardware finishes. Fortunately, we have a large selection of hardware finishes to choose from. We offer eight premium metallic finishes in addition to our usual white and stone selections (two varieties of chrome, brass, nickel, and bronze).