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Nightstand & Bedside Table

Perfectly to introduce nightstand to complete bedroom decoration is every owner`s expectation, and unite comforts and convenience to make bedroom life cheered up or attain a result of lying down while it`s possible to reach everything. However, selecting the perfectly proper nightstand or bedside table sometimes drags people into struggle with so many night stand styles, functions, material, construction and size. More details to be discovered, Jaxpety would like to help find your favorite ones.

Construction, material and color

Construction and material not only decide the service life of nightstand durability, but also set off the decorative features being compatible with other bedroom furniture. For example, dangling raised-off ground bottom will at most reduce dust being stuck in. And wooden nightstand leads to original environment without chemistry pollution to bedroom. Sometimes pure nightstand material may destines its appearance color in the same collection to blend with your bed or closet into perfect match. So before you give final to buy one, you`d better analyze the furniture you already have or make suitable plan for new bedroom furniture collocation buildup.


Meeting one beautiful nightstand doesn`t mean you have to own it, your bed needs to be pre-claimed to pair with it in advance. A too tall nightstand standing by short bed may bring some uncoordinated decoration, normally height in the almost same parallel level will be perfectly comfortable for you reaching your items on nightstand, and convenient for drawers appliance. And the other factor is about the wide tabletop where more items to keep without being crowded or scattered to fall down on oversized nightstand. However, if you are chasing minimalist nightstand, the small night table will be brilliant choice for you.

Types of Nightstand

Storage Nightstand with Drawers

If you count on nightstand to maximize space to store more items you want, bedside table with drawer will be great option. Accent drawers include different innovative style to make storage unique and protect your specific items, with creative and amazing knobs or notch designed on pull-out drawers, you can find any types you like at Jaxpety

Half-Open Shelf Nightstand

Open shelf nightstand is popular and famous for minimalist expectation, they may be consisted of one drawer and open shelf to store items which can accept light and fresh air, and decorate your bedroom at direct nightstand-scape. And you can add storage basket or extra seasonal decorative items into it freely and it devotes to liberate access for items.

Wicker Nightstand

Ratten wicker nightstand is movable storage basket due to your requirement, its clean lines and one big drawer for fixed storage, and the wicker basket will implement more possibilities, if you want to use one for laundry, the left space will generate open shelf nightstand. And its material will keep your items dry and comfortable.

Nightstand Style

Traditional Nightstand

Solid wood nightstand is the representative of tradition construction This brown nightstand preserves its original taste and natural features of material just to prune every corner, curved legs and streamlined finish without exceeding paints. Some of them may still hold crude wood flavor to make your bedroom life like natural forest.

Mid-century & Modern Nightstand

When we talk about mid-century, retro flavor,tradition or old fashion always come into our mind. To be different from pure wood construction, the modern element has mixed into their unique appearance. Earthy color palette with usually two-tones paired with each other, such as wood or MDF board streak and clean glossy white design. It shapes perfect curved legs and round corner, sometimes building into pretty and cute.  

Vintage & Modern Nightstands

Jaxpety nightstand contributes to rustic ribbon and showcases vintage element to bedroom,  interwoven basket drawers combines white or pastel color to generate modern frame. Their construction has simple and smooth angles with minimalist appearance. You can find more on details on wicker basket nightstand.

Entirely Contemporary Nightstand

Contemporary nightstand is the era evolving, popularizing white nightstand, grey nightstand and blue nightstand from centuries. Sleek, clean and unstopped flowing line finish at every edge, feet and tabletop characterize neutral color of common aesthetic. Contemporary bedside tables is up-to-date space and features to make bedroom as modern as possible. And you can find one amazing style of upscale mirrored modern nightstand at surprising credits

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